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                     Dr.Muhammad Allama Iqbal

Nations are born in the hearts of poets, they prosper and die in the hands of politicians.
tere ishq kii intahaa chaahataa huu.N
merii saadagii dekh kyaa chaahataa huu.N
Muhammad Allama Iqbal was born on November 9th in Sialkot, in the Punjab province of then India (now Pakistan). His initial education was in Lahore, and at the age of 28, he studied in the hallowed halls of Cambridge, gaining a degree in Philosophy, after that came a qualification in law which was how he was to earn a living as a barrister in London. He was later to receive a doctorate from Munich for his thesis on Persian Metaphysics and Islamic mysticism unveiling some of the hidden aspects of the faith to western scholars.
Muhammad Allama Iqbal died in Lahore Pakistan in 1938.

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